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Expert Rating Certified Personal Trainer (Expert Level)

Expert Rating Certified Healthy Eating For Weight Loss (Expert Level)

Expert Rating Certified Strength and Conditioning Trainer (Expert Level)


Author: Obesity Undonefront cover

Obesity Undone,  is the 2nd edition of the life changing book Fat Then Fit Now.  Obesity undone is weight loss and fitness uncomplicated. On March 1, 2008, Physical Culturist and Chiropractor Doc Joe weighed a ponderous, pachydermian and unhealthy 340 pounds. One year later he weighed in at 210 pounds. He not only lost weight — he regained his health, fitness and wellness. Follow the Doc as he imparts upon you his story. It is from the heart and he shares the good and the bad. It is at times tough, at other times funny, but most importantly he will show you how he got results. Weight loss is a side effect of fitness — fitness is not the end result of weight loss. Undo obesity and don’t simply lose weight — gain health.

stbr frontAuthor: Sometimes The Bastard Returns

Doc Joe Leonardi discusses the very real problem of obesity relapse. How it happened to him, and how on the verge of giving up, he reclaimed his health, wellness and fitness.

Contributor:’s CarbSmart Magazine

Dr. Leonardi contributes articles relating to motivation, health, wellness, fitness and overcoming obesity. CarbSmart Magazine is an internet web publication and guide to the low carbohydrate lifestyle. CarbSmart provides the resources to help readers make informed decisions so they can improve their health and happiness.


Dr. Leonardi contributes articles relating to motivation, health, wellness, fitness and overcoming obesity. is an information-based website to inform readers about the basics of natural health

Media Appearances/Presentations

Guest: Issue Line with Mike Duffy. Topic, National Nutrition Month.

Guest: Frankie In The Morning, Magic 93. Topic, National Nutrition Month.

Guest: Television: SSPTV News 13. Topic, National Nutrition Month and Obesity.

Guest: Radio: Sunday Magazine With Brian Hughes. Topic, Obesity Relapse and National Nutrition Month.

Guest: WBRE’s PA Live. Topic, Obesity Recidivism.

Guest: Stripped, Real, Raw Radio. Topic, Obesity, weight loss and fitness.

Guest: The Optimal Show with Ameer Rosic. Topic, Obesity, Obesity Recidivism, Weight loss and fitness.

Interview Subject: The Biggest Loser Blog, by Jennifer Wielgus. Topic, Obesity, weight loss, fitness and motivation.

Guest: 94.3 The Talker: The David Madeira Show. Topic, Obesity, weight loss, fitness and motivation.

Guest: WebTalk Radio: Bounce Back to Your Brilliance with Angel Tyree. Topic, Obesity, weight loss, fitness and motivation.

Guest: Podcast: Health Demystified with Eric Wang. Topic, Obesity, weight loss and fitness.

Guest: Radio: Sunday Magazine with Brian Hughes. Topic, HBO mini series “Weight of a Nation” and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s goal to purge super sized soft drinks from the Big Apple.

Guest: FTNS Fitness Radio: What’s Weighing You Down? With Dr. Marilyn Gansel. Topic, Obesity, weight loss and fitness.

Guest: 94.3 The Talker: The David Maderia Show. Topic, Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed soda ban in New York City.

Guest: Blog Talk Radio: Nurture and Nutrition. Topic, Obesity, Weight Loss and Motivation.

Guest: RadioSunday Magazine with Brian Hughes.  Topic, Childhood Obesity and How it Relates to Type II Diabetes in Children.

Guest: Radio: Sunday Magazine with Brian Hughes.  Topic, Childhood Obesity and How it Relates to Type II Diabetes in Children.

Guest: Podcast: Low Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore and Friends. Topic, The Disconnect Between Medical Care and Chronic Disease.

Guest: Radio: Sunday Magazine with Brian Hughes.  Topic, Pennsylvania’s Primary Election.

Guest: Internet Radio: Toni Harris Speaks, BlogTalk Radio. Topic, Weight Loss, Fitness and Motivation.

Guest: Internet Radio: Cathie’s Talking, BlogTalk Radio. Topic, Dump The Fads, Focus On Fitness.

Guest: Television: Storm Politics with Tiffany Cloud, WYLN-TV 35 Hazleton. Topic, Obesity and Politics.

Guest:  Radio: The Sue Henry Show, WILK NewsTalk Radio. Topic, Obesity, Fitness, Childhood Obesity, Alcohol’s Detrimental Effect on Weight Loss and Fitness.

Guest:  Radio: Frankie In The Morning, NEPA;’s WMGS Magic 93.  Topic, Childhood Obesity Awareness.

Guest Speaker: McCann School of Business, Hazleton. Topic, Motivation, Goal Setting and Planning; Incorporating FTFN’s Weight Loss and Fitness’s Successful Methodology Into All Aspects Of Life. 

Guest: Television: WBRE, PA Live. Topic, Childhood Obesity.

Guest: Television: SSPTV, News 13. Topic, Childhood Obesity Awareness.

Guest: Radio: Super Human Radio with Carl Lanore.  Topic, Childhood Obesity and Bullying.

Guest: PodcastCarbohydrates Can Kill with Robert K. Su, M.D.. Topic, Special Podcast Series on Obesity.

Guest:  Radio: Outlook on Northeast PA with Shadoe Steele. Topic: Obesity, Chiropractic Care, Childhood Obesity and Bullying.

Guest: Radio: Sunday Magazine with Brian Hughes.  Topic Obesity and what to do about it.

Guest: Radio: Tough Talk with Joe Peters. Topic: Childhood Obesity and Bullying.

Guest Presenter: The Professional Development Center at King’s College. Topic: The Role of Educators in Student Fitness, Wellness and Nutrition.

Guest Expert: Television: WVIA, State of Pennsylvania.   Topic: NEPA’s Obese Children: What Can We Do?

Guest Panelist: Television:  WVIA, Call the Doctor.  Topic:  How to Improve Your Health and Vitality.

Guest:  Podcast: Livin La Vida Low Carb Show with Jimmy Moore.  Topic:  Obesity, Weight Loss and Fitness

Guest: Radio: It’s Your Health with Lisa Davis Topic:  Obesity, Weight Loss and Fitness

Guest: Podcast: The Low Carb Journey with Hank Garner.   Topic:  Obesity, Weight Loss and Fitness.

Guest Lecturer: Luzerne County Community College Science Club.  Topic: Obesity, Weight Loss and Fitness.

Guest Lecturer: Kingston Senior Center. Topic: Movement is Life.

Guest Host: Radio: Guest Host; The Morning News with Nancy and Kevin. Topic:  Political Call in Show.

Interview: Newspaper: Go Lackawana, Local Chiropractor Pens Weight Loss Book


Columns Published Pittston Sunday Dispatch

Coal Miner Mentality; November 2, 2008

Longing for Thanksgiving Football; November 30 2008

A Young Man Dies; A Hero Emerges;  June 14, 2009

Obesity a Complex Problem? I Don’t Think So!  August 23, 2009

My Battle with Obesity;  August 30, 2009

Childhood Obesity and Bullying;  May 16, 2010

One Moment More; December 27, 2009




New York Chiropractic College 1996
Doctor of Chiropractic

University of the State of New York
Bachelor of Science

Luzerne County Community College
Associate of Science

Communications Branch “A” School
Pensacola, FL
Cryptologic Technician


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