REDUX – Day 1

At least as far as it stands, I am not going to make this blog a daily journal of what I am fat-in-floridadoing, however, with today being the beginning….

Got in my first workout at my new gym. It is always strange to workout in a new place and today wasn’t any different, but it didn’t take me long to find my rhythm. I only did 6 sets of chest and 6 sets of back – super-set dumbbell bench press with lat pull-downs and incline flyes with seated rows. I will add sets weekly until I am back to my full workout. Of course, the weights used were relatively light. I will also start walking/jogging next week. The gym does have a walking/running track, but unless the weather is ungodly cold or snow and ice, I will probably opt to jog outside before I hit the gym.

Day one of the diet was yesterday and it went well. No slip ups, no cheats and no carb cravings.. okay, I am lying on that one; had some major cravings for both pizza and chocolate, but managed to just have a taste of chocolate and that did the trick.I am drinking diet soda for the time being. I am hoping to transition to just water or unsweetened iced-tea, but for now, the diet soda helps.


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