Cry Havoc – And Let Slip The Burden(s) Of Obesity

beachWelcome to my new blog. This is redux, because once again, in the grand war against poor fitness and ailing health, the bastard obesity has taken yet another battle.

It has been close to 3 years since I have been genuinely fit. What happened is not really relevant, but as the picture taken back on October 25th clearly shows, I am close to 350lbs, if not over, again.  

In the last six months, I I had relocated to Florida and back to Pennsylvania. For the most part, I was happy living in Florida, but something was missing. I thought the answer to so many of my problems would have been a move to the ocean and a warm climate, and in some ways it was, but in the important ways, it was not.

I am back in Pennsylvania, and I can say I have not been this emotionally happy in a very long time, however, physically, not so much. Being back in the morbidly obese category is not an enjoyable way to live life. Everyday activities are a struggle, if not an impossibility, to complete. Stairs have become public enemy number one, and shoe tying is a close second. Along with a number of other activities, of which I will chronicle later, my physical life kind of sucks.  

Recently, I have restarted my efforts in the war against obesity a few times, but today there is a different feel.  I had a conversation with a gentleman over breakfast. He was put on a low carbohydrate diet by his forward thinking endocrinologist. We started discussing some of the eating options, his perception of repetition of food choices, the struggle with staying away from certain foods, including beer, and of course, the overall benefits of following a low carbohydrate lifestyle.  

I really enjoyed our discussion,  and when he and the owner learned I had written books on the topic, and had a business to help people with their struggles, they encouraged me to begin again.  

Admittedly, I am reluctant because of how out of shape and obese I am, but they believed that people would relate better, and I could make a larger impact if people followed me and we did the journey together.

So, with their encouragement, I am starting this blog and I will be offering in person assistance. My fees for in-person assistance will be reduced for those who 51tXIOPTNwL._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_begin this journey with me. I am also taking a very important first step — I am reading the first book I wrote on the subject. I am putting myself back in the mindset of where I was, not strictly when I was obese, but how I gained a high level of fitness, that in turn led to a high level of physical joy. 

I invite you to, once again, follow me as I CRY HAVOC and, let slip the dogs of war against the bastard obesity! 


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